Inception Scope and Guidelines

Initial formation of committee is as a tight WORKING group of active members. Active members must be a current resident of the city of Southport or a surrounding area. Initial offices will be appointed by the director after screening potential applicants and approval of the Mayor.

Proposed Mission of Committee

The committee?s mission is to strengthen the arts in Southport in all its facets, and support Art related efforts of the community in all manners determined to be appropriate on?behalf of the city. The committees duty will be including, but not limited to, sponsoring projects, creating public art exhibitions and performances, supporting the efforts of the various arts and arts related business organizations, working with the city?s neighbors on mutually?beneficial arts related activities and providing such technical assistance as is warranted?and available for individuals, groups and businesses, and providing a sounding board to City residents on issues related to arts and culture, promoting an understanding of the value of artistic and cultural expression and exchange in a free society as a rich resource to all Southport citizens, businesses and visitors.

Committee Guidelines

The Committee currently does not maintain an annual operating city budget. This committee will identify, advise, and advocate the city?s interests in supporting the cultural and individual expression of the arts. Special focus is on accessibility of art to all and public participation in the process. All committee meetings will be open to the community, and regular announcements will be made to the public at large. A section of each committee meeting will be open for public discussion of open issues, particular projects or areas of interest to those in attendance. Various ongoing functions, such as public art review, will be done in conjunction with committee created review panels, containing EQUALLY both peer (artists, educators, gallery owners, collectors) and community-at-large (residents, business owners, clergy) members, chosen at random from interested parties. Upon the establishment of the committee?s mission, scope of work, and comprehensive art plan, the committee at that time may recommend to the mayor that additional members be added to the committee, and work with the mayor and director to identify and recruit such members. HOWEVER, it is recommended that the committee establish a common welcome to ALL residents and affiliated parties. While the work of particular ad hoc or ongoing projects may contain a variety of individual participants and organizational partners, the city committee will remain a tight working group dedicated to the management and facilitation of a robust and responsive forum for all.

The scope of the committee may include the following:

Annual Arts Contest at the Southport Street Fair
Accessibility and the Arts ? Public Participation in the Creation and Enjoyment of the Arts Performing and Visual Arts Education for the serious student (adult and youth) – emphasis on mentoring, apprentice and internships, partnering with regional neighbors for a world-class arts education network.
Rotating Arts Exhibit
Monthly Committee meetings to discuss projects
Annual open arts forum for community involvement with public art juries of professional panels

Membership and Organization:

Once established, the Committee will be composed of active and associate members representing all forms of visual and performance art, both long term residents and newcomers. Active members are members residing in Southport or a surrounding area that take an active role in project and event activity. Active members may hold a committee office. The Committee offices will consist of: Director, Assistant Director, Treasurer, Secretary, Event and Exhibit Coordinator, Educational Activity Coordinator, and Youth Advocate. Associate members are any individual that is interested in supporting the Arts and participating in various activities held by the Artistry Committee on an as needed or available basis. Membership will be renewed annually for associate members and tri-annually for active members. Membership is currently free, but fees will be discussed at a later date.

Southport Artistry Committee Officers and Duties:

All Committee Officers and Members will participate in project and event brainstorming and there enaction. Committee will consist of seven offices. All Officers will serve on a rotating three year term. Officers, except Youth Advocate, will be voted on by the Committee members at the end of the terms and may re-run and repeat term if re-elected. Terms will run from the committee inception date of July 20 ? July 19 beginning in 2010, with the voting being held in the previous March of each term end to allow for a transition period. Youth Advocate will be chosen by current youth advocate at the Director?s approval.

Director ? Duties are including, but not limited to, maintaining the Committee website, assisting officers and members of the Committee in all available capacity, reporting to the Mayor and City, and promoting the Art Committee.
Assistant Director ? Duties are including, but not limited to, assisting the Director with all responsibilities that require assistance.

Treasurer ? Duties are including, but not limited to, handling the funds and budgeting for events and projects.
Secretary – Duties are including, but not limited to, handling monthly meeting minutes and agenda, providing information of such to Director and handler of the City website for distribution, and maintaining current list of Active and Associate members and archives.

Event and Exhibit Coordinator – Duties are including, but not limited to, handling organization of tasks and members for event planning and execution such as art exhibits, contests, and fairs. Educational Activity Coordinator – Duties are including, but not limited to, locating professional or student artists willing to mentor or teach art classes for the community and the scheduling of such educational activities.

Youth Advocate (student must be an enrolled Sophomore) – Duties are including, but not limited to, working with the Director, Assistant Director, and Event and Educational Coordinators to schedule youth activities and coordinate with school art teachers if the situation merits. Youth Advocate will select from the Freshman class and mentor next youth advocate in their final year.

Suggested Initial Tasks

Define the scope of work of the committee
Meet with other city departments and committees and determine mutual areas of cooperation Create mechanisms to include the community and its various constituencies in both the process and projects of the committee
Prioritize the Committees projects and processes relative to areas of opportunity and current available resources such as talent, locations, events, etc.
Develop a comprehensive art plan ? including a plan of action and identify potential resources for any long term projects.
Partner with both art and business organizations and others to create mutually supportive projects that advance the cause of the arts in Southport.

A Few Notes for Clarification:

What the committee is not….
The committee is not a replacement for all of the other amazing groups, organizations, businesses and individuals who make up the arts in Southport.
The committee is not the arbiter of all things arts in Southport, but does have a pivotal role in providing for the aesthetic as well as practical review of public art projects in the city.
The committee is not the principal funding organization for the arts in Southport. The committee does not maintain an annual operating city budget.

Communication Plan

Post a calendar of committee meetings on the city website
Maintain a domain for an informational page of current issues, programs and opportunities Make notification of meetings available through announcements on Southport media
Guarantee all committee meetings be open to the public
Provide open time at each meeting for general discussion by the public in attendance on subjects covered by that particular meeting, or other arts issues of interest
On actionable items, either announcement of said item at prior meeting to give time for community feedback, or delay of action on item till next meeting for same
Hold an annual open arts forum for all interested parties to gather together to discuss the various communal arts-related needs, share ideas for progress, become involved in various committee projects moving forward, network and connect with new resources