Southport Artistry Committee Charter

MISSION: The Southport Artistry Committee of Southport, IN will foster community pride, appreciation and involvement in the arts. We will strive to do this through a variety of artistic programs and events, and will be proactive in providing innovative art education and other artistic opportunities of the highest quality for the enjoyment, enrichment and ongoing participation of our community residents and patrons.


Members: All artists of all genres, and lovers of art of all ages that can work together harmoniously to plan events and exhibits that enrich the community of Southport, while also helping each other through offering mentorships, classes, open art assessments, and a monthly forum to share artwork with one another.

Audience: Lovers of arts and crafts of all ages in the Southport community and visiting patrons that can enjoy the progress of the Southport Artistry Committee and benefit from the committee?s proactive measures.

Scope of Duties with Goals and Objectives The committee will:

1. Research and obtain a piece or pieces of art for any exhibit scheduled by the Southport Artistry Committee through utilizing our members, online databases, media, etc.
2. Look for opportunities to provide more art experience and education for the community by working with the other existing Southport committees such as:

a. Enhance an awareness of the arts in the community through rotating art exhibits and receptions that promote artists, and bring art into our Community at places such as the Community Room, City Park and local businesses.
b. Host Design/Painting Contests on city surfaces such as things like the unfinished donated benches, so that Southport can not only utilize its assets more effectively, but it can also promote art and decorate the community while doing so.
c. Research the feasibility of future projects that may introduce performing arts and literary arts to the community such as writing contests, concerts, plays, poetry readings, or music/dance recitals in the Southport Park or even classic movie nights like downtown Indy.
d. Work with the Southport Parks and Rec Committee to provide summer art programs and classes for all ages.

3. Host events that provide art educational activities for younger children in the community by infusing the current programming with new to provide artistic experiences, such as:

a. Art projects for kids before or after the Southport Easter Egg Hunt b. Family oriented artistic project at the Southport Christmas?Party to entertain the community while waiting for Santa

4. Hold an annual art contest to be held at the Southport Spring Festival in May
5. Have an art event in October coinciding with the Southport Fall Festival and GSBA car show/Sidewalk Sale

BUDGETED MONEY FOR COMMITTEE USE: All project and event money needs must be brought to the treasuretary and director on an itemized list and included in the proposal to present for approval to the committee and/or city. Money for committee projects will be available after committee approval. Leaders on city projects must work with the city event coordinator to create a presentation for city approval. Any projects being funded by the city must have a budget proposal approved by the committee and the mayor/park board. Money needs for city projects will only be funded after approval and payment from the city.

FUNDING: All funds are to be handled by the treasuretary or director and expended only through the treasuretary or director with prior budget approval.
Community Room Key Replacement: The committee will take responsibility for the community room key and keep funds on hand at all times to replace the key in case of loss. Only officers may check out key. Key replacement will only be paid by the committee one time per officer term. Any loss thereafter is the officer?s responsibility.
Community Room Rental: Any city related event or SoArt event or project has priority and free community room rental. The city also offers priority to Southport residents for rentals. The committee will keep funds on hand at all times for a community room deposit for active members only who have an art related activity that will benefit the community, but is not a SoART or city sponsored activity. Active member must pay actual rental fee. All damage is the sole responsibility of the renting member. In the event of damage the responsible member MUST reimburse SoART the entire amount of the deposit. Active member status will be put on hold pending review of damage circumstance by SoART officers.

REPORTS TO THE BOARD: The director, officers, and project leaders will report on progress and events at the monthly committee meetings. The treasuretary will record and submit a written report to the director and mayor at the conclusion of each committee meeting for distribution within one week of each meeting. The written report allows for the information to become a formal part of the community records and posted on the committee and city websites. AUTHORITY: The committee will interface with the officers and project leaders on issues regarding exhibits and programs. The committee will offer recommendations to the mayor and/or parks board through the cofs artchair.

Final decisions for the committee: Final decisions for the committee will be made by a majority vote of committee members present at the meeting. In the event of a voting issue (tie, emergency, etc.) the officers will make the final decision based on a majority vote. Final decisions on city funded projects and events are made by the mayor as the elected representative of the community. The mayor may determine that an oral presentation at a city council meeting or other Southport committee meeting is desirable for approval on proposals.

Southport Artistry Committee Composition: Committee will be composed of Active members and Associate members representing all forms of visual, literary, and performance arts and art lovers. Member statuses will be reviewed and updated once each calendar year. Membership: Membership is free and open to all. To be a listed member and receive benefits a completed membership application must be on file. By joining the Southport Artistry Committee the member is agreeing to this charter and giving SoArt permission to promote them and their artwork to build the reputation of the artist, the artwork, and the Southport Artistry Committee. All copyright laws will be followed in the usage of any artwork. No artwork will be used for profit without the permission of the creating artist.

Associate members are any individuals interested in supporting the arts and participating in various activities held by the Southport Artistry Committee on an as needed or available basis. Active members are individuals that would like to take an active role in project and event activity. Active members may hold a committee office. Active members must volunteer?for at least one major committee event to retain active status. Active members?are given their own online gallery page on the SoArt website at the Artline Administrator?s discretion after retaining active status in the yearly review (meaning active members earn their own profile page into the 2nd year of their membership not immediately upon joining). Active member galleries are a free privilege earned by volunteering, but must adhere to the SoArt website guidelines.

Southport Artistry Committee Officers and Duties

The committee will have a director, treasuretary, event coordinator, city event coordinator, artline administrator, fundraising facilitator, public relations, and a scholastics team. Committee officers and members will participate in project and event brainstorming and lead projects and events. Officers will serve a two year term and will be selected by a committee vote with the exception of the youth advocate. The officers may re-run and repeat term if re-elected. Terms will be staggered. Elections will be held yearly at the July monthly meeting for open offices that year. New officers will begin in August. Youth advocate will be chosen by the scholastics team in a selection process. Youth advocate terms will overlap to encourage mentorship. The names and contact information of all officers will be provided to the public upon their appointment on an as needed basis.

Director ? Duties include: plan and lead committee meetings; accept and share committee member applications, contest forms, etc; assist in the organization of projects and events with the committee; attend and volunteer at committee events; assist officers and members of the committee in all available capacity; promote the committee in all available capacities such as alerting media to events, creating fliers/pamphlets, and advertising in online artist databases.

Treasuretary ? Duties include: maintain key to Southport Community Room and make it available to the other officers; collect and disperse SoArt mail; maintain the committee bank account and records; record monthly meeting minutes and provide information of such to the director; give monthly finance report and meeting report to the committee at each meetings; handle the funds and budgeting for events and projects; Maintain all committee files, including membership applications, artist waivers, bank records, etc.

Event Coordinator – Duties include: maintain key to Southport Community Room and make it available to the other officers or for the Community room display; write and/or assist with event and exhibit proposals; work with the treasuretary on event budgets; work with the City Event Coordinator to create city project presentations for events to share with the city of Southport if need be; handle organization of tasks and members for event planning and execution such as art exhibits, contests, and fairs; manage rotating art exhibit in the Southport Community Room; promote events in all available capacities.

City Event Coordinator ? Duties include: attend and represent SoArt at the CofS Parks and Recreation Department meetings and other city meeting as needed; write and/or help with proposals and presentations of projects for the city of Southport; assist in the organization of city projects and events with the City of Southport; assist officers and members of the committee in need of city representation.

ArtLine Administrator – Duties include: maintain and update the committee website and other online profiles; provide each active member with an online profile page on the committee website and update yearly; keep committee members informed with online monthly newsletter, meeting reminders, and other updates; promote the committee in all available online capacities such as email alerts to the media and other art committees about SoART events and advertising in online databases, receive and disperse email appropriately from common committee email address to appropriate members.

Fundraising Facilitator – Duties include: organize and lead projects to help fund?committee endeavors; seek money for committee projects not funded by the city through special events, local businesses, or grants; organize sponsor recognitions.

Public Relations – Duties include: promote the committee in all available capacities such as alerting media to events, creating fliers/pamphlets, advertising in online artist databases; work with fundraising facilitator and artline admin to handle sponsor recognition for donations; organize groups to walk around Southport to hang posters/deliver printed newsletters; organize promotional projects or events; work with the event coordinator to promote SoART events.

SoART Scholastics Team

Educational Coordinator, Academic Administrator & Academic Affairs – Must have at least a year of art teaching experience. Duties include: locating professional artists and teachers willing to teach art classes for the community and the scheduling of such; write and/or assist with art class proposals and other educational event proposals; handle and promote classes and class enrollment; work with the event coordinator, the youth advocate, the city event coordinator, and all other project leaders to plan artistic family friendly educational activities to be held at other Southport and SoArt festivals and events, such as the Spring Festival or Easter Egg Hunt; work with the treasuretary on educational activity budgets; work with the city event coordinator to create city project presentations on art education opportunities to share with the city of Southport if need be; handle the selection of youth advocate; handle organization of tasks and teachers for educational activity planning and execution; promote SoArt educational activities to the schools, community, artists, media, etc.

Youth Advocate (student must be enrolled in high school) – Duties include: working with the other officers to schedule youth activities; plan and lead a children?s art activity at either the Southport Easter Egg Hunt or Christmas Party; help promote youth art activities; help select and mentor the next youth advocate.