About SoArts

Our Purpose and Mission

SoArts?was founded on July 20, 2010 by?Melodie Yvonne Ramey?with the help of the city of Southport to support local arts and give artists a chance to share their work and connect. Our mission is to foster community pride, appreciation and involvement in the Arts. We will strive to do this through a variety of artistic programs and events, and will be proactive in providing innovative http://jobitel.com/ art education and other artistic opportunities of the highest quality for the enjoyment, enrichment and ongoing participation of our community residents and patrons.

SoArts meets at 6:30pm the 1st Thursday of every month. ?Check the website for location of each meeting.

SoArts Charter

Inception Scope and Guidelines


SoArts Officers and Duties

Director?? Duties include: plan and lead committee meetings; accept and share committee member applications, contest forms, etc; assist in the organization of projects and events with the committee; attend and volunteer at committee events; assist officers and members of the committee in all available capacity; promote the committee in all available capacities such as alerting media to events, creating fliers/pamphlets, and advertising in online artist databases.

Treasuretary?? Duties include: collect and disperse SoArt mail; maintain the committee bank account and records; record monthly meeting minutes and provide information of such to the director; give monthly finance report and meeting report to the committee at each meetings; handle the funds and budgeting for events and projects; Maintain all committee files, including membership applications, artist waivers, bank records, etc.

Exhibit Coordinator?-?Duties include: write and/or assist with exhibit proposals; work with the treasuretary on exhibit budgets; work with the Event Coordinator to create project presentations for exhibits to share if need be; handle organization of tasks and members for exhibit planning and execution; manage rotating art exhibits; promote exhibits in all available capacities.

Event Coordinator?? Duties include: attend and represent SoArts at any?meetings as needed; write and/or help with proposals and presentations of projects; assist in the organization of city projects and events; assist officers and members of the committee in need of city representation.

ArtLine Administrator?-?Duties include: maintain and update the committee website and other online profiles; provide each active member with an online profile page on the committee website and update yearly; keep committee members informed with online monthly newsletter, https://xjobs.org/ meeting reminders, and other updates; promote the committee in all available online capacities such as email alerts to the media and other art committees about SoArts events and advertising in online databases, receive and disperse email appropriately from common committee email address to appropriate members.

Fundraising Director?-?Duties include: organize and lead projects to help fund committee endeavors; seek money for committee projects not funded by the city through special events, local businesses, or grants; organize sponsor recognitions.

Public Relations?-?Duties include: promote the committee in all available capacities such as alerting media to events, creating fliers/pamphlets, advertising in online artist databases; work with fundraising director and artline administrator to handle sponsor recognition for donations; organize groups to hang posters/deliver printed newsletters; organize promotional projects or events; work with the Scholastics Team, exhibit coordinator, and?event coordinator to promote classes, SoArts exhibits, and SoArts and sponsored events.

SoArts Scholastics Team?-?Members of the Scholastics Team must have at least a year of art teaching experience. Duties include: locating professional artists and teachers willing to teach art classes for the community and the scheduling of such; write and/or assist with art class proposals and other educational event proposals; handle and promote classes and class enrollment; work with the event coordinator, the youth advocate, the city event coordinator, and all other project leaders to plan artistic family friendly educational activities to be held at?SoArts festivals and events, such as the Spring Festival or Easter Egg Hunt; work with the treasuretary on educational activity budgets; work with the city event coordinator to create city project presentations on art education opportunities to share if need be; handle the selection of youth advocate; handle organization of tasks and teachers for educational activity planning and execution; promote SoArts educational activities to the schools, community, artists, media, etc.

Youth Advocate?(student must be enrolled in high school) –?Duties include: working with the other officers to schedule youth activities; plan and lead children?s art activities at events such as ?Easter Egg Hunts or Christmas Parties; help promote youth art activities; help select and mentor the next youth advocate.

Current SoArts Officers

Director?-?Duane King
Contact ?-?Duane@DuaneKing.com


Exhibit Coordinator?Open

SoArts Scholastics Team

Claire Dillehay
Contact Claire –?candrews360@msn.com

Katherine Han
Contact Katherine –?hndkhn@aol.com

Tina White
Contact Tina –?twhite216@msn.com

A Quick note from our Founder:

Hello all of my art loving friends!

I thought I would take a brief moment to talk of how the SoArts started and what a great community Southport truly is.

It all started as I lay in bed one morning, sleeping in on a Saturday of course, when I heard the sounds of the Southport Clean Up outside my bedroom window. I just thought it was so beautiful to see all of these people, residents and patrons, gathered together for the common good, in this case to make Southport beautiful for the upcoming Spring Festival. Now, I had attended every Spring and Fall festival since I bought my house in Southport, and I’ve always loved them, but I never really realized how much work went into these events and how much each individual worked just to make their neighbors and friends happy in this wonderful community.

I peeked out the window and watched as my friends and neighbors (and people I didn’t even know!) worked together to make my street and sidewalk beautiful and even clean up trash in my yard! I decided at that moment that I wanted to be a part of all this. I wanted to help all these wonderful people that created this small town feel in the middle of this metropolis, and… I wanted to sleep in while doing it lol 🙂 Anyway, so I jumped on the Southport website and searched the volunteer section for what they may need that I would actually be able to help with and make my neighbors proud. Imagine my excitement when I saw that they wanted to make an ARTS COUNCIL! 🙂 I sent them an email that day with my credentials and information. I got an answer and a meeting with Mayor Rob Thoman and his assistant, Mitzi, on July 20, 2010 to talk with them about starting an arts council for Southport. They taught me all about politics and proposal writing and budgets, and I taught them the positive power of what just a couple wonderful artists could create. I vowed to keep it all free, so their could be participation by all, and the city promised to help us whenever they could.

We grew every year from that day, and on July 20, 2013 we went into our 3rd year as an art committee with over 40 members! I am so proud of what we have all created together, and I get compliments every day about how wonderful we are doing and how just seeing the Spring into Arts Contests and the beautiful art has really made a difference in the lives here in Southport. Sometimes I think I walk the dogs extra just because people will stop when going by just to tell me how much they love the artists and the beauty that we all bring. Thank you all for making this possible, and thank you for bringing art and love into this community, and most of all thank you all so much for going on this journey with me! I believe our mission will be epic.

Light and Love,
Melodie Yvonne Ramey
SoArts Founder