Charlie Wilson

Charles D. Wilson began portrait, figure drawing and cartooning in his pre-teens, but chose a career in journalism rather than pursue his dream of becoming a comic book artist. After 20 years in journalism, marriage, and raising three children he returned to art but found figures lacking and decided to dabble in abstract art with ink, charcoal and oil pastels, as well as freehand computer art. He quickly discovered that he had a passion for abstract art as an outlet for his emotions and began painting what he generally described as “mood paintings.” Over the past ten years he has pursued various styles, ranging from abstract self-portraits to pure abstract. His departure from journalism after a 30-year career has left him with more time to devote to his art and now he desires to share it. A 57-year-old man on Social Security disability, he finds that art brings a sense of? purpose to his life

Wilson may be contacted by email at?

What follows is a brief sample of his work both old and recent (Further information available upon request)

Charles Wilson

2524 Fox Harbour Court